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You and One Adorable French Bulldog: Happily Ever After Story

French Bulldog, popularly referred to as Frenchie, is a family-friendly dog who loves kids, and companionship.

They are great if you are working and need them to be alone for few hours. Since they thrive when they have human contact, leaving them alone for extended period of time is not recommended. To engage them for few hours when you are away leave some toys for them to play with and food & water to eat and drink when they please.



This Electronic timed Pet Dog Treat Puzzle Feeder may be best for playful engagement and treats at set intervals.



This dual feeder can be used to leave food and water for your pooch.

Frenchie does not require long runs or excessive exercise. So they do not need a lot of room and do very well in apartments or small dwellings. Short walks every day would keep them happy and avoid obesity issues.



A comfortable collar would make walks relaxing and playful.

Keep the Frenchie in cool and comfortable surroundings. Since he is susceptible to heat exhaustion an air-conditioned environment could be ideal especially on a hot day.



Your adorable frenchie deserves his own personalised bowl.

The coat of the French bulldog has soft texture, and needs occasional care. You can use a good quality shampoo and brush to take care of his coat. They come in a variety of colors, including fawn, and cream. This makes them good-looking and unique.





They are easy to train and love their family. Surely we humans love them back. Frenchies are muse to many modern art and jewellery items.



This french bulldog pin is unique and fun for a dog lover.



This necklace is cheeky and modern for young fashionista.




This cute birthday card is too good to not give it to your birthday gal.

A bulldog to give you company makes for a perfect love story.

Frenchie is a inseparable companion who would be by your side for about 10-14 years. They are cute, passionate and would love you as much as you would love them!