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Will Rosewood Watch Ever Rule the World?

If you are looking for a different gift for yourself (self-love) or loved one, then you may want to check on Rosewood watch. This is a special and elegant watch that is reliable, authentic and practical. It would surely make the recipient feel special and loved. Many brands are elevating humble material like wood into highly desirable timepieces, providing you with more choices every day.

Rosewood has a sweet smell (thus the name "rose" wood) and a unique dark colour. It lends itself well to wood craft like furniture, and watches. Those who love items made from natural elements would find rosewood watch beautiful and luxe. These watches are different from all the other big brands out there, and is definitely a must-have for a watch collector.


Style to keep up with modern trends

Wooden watches made today are unlike the first few lots of wood watches that were introduced about 7 years ago. The watch design has evolved over the years to suit the modern era consumer's needs and demands. Watches now are sleek, have different dial shapes - circle, square and rectangle. These watches have received overwhelming love in recent times resulting in many companies debuting their own twist on this new fashion favourite.

The trend is not just limited to watches, even watch bands are now been introduced in wood for people who like to keep their branded watch dial but wish to enjoy a conversation starter watch band. Check out our collection of Apple watch bands here.



A dual dial watch to keep up with the style brigade.


High Quality

Each wood watch has its own unique patter, grain and color. Rosewood watches are no exception to this. Rosewood's dark and shiny colour is a delight to the eyes. Each of the watch in our collection comes with 1 year warranty and can be trusted with top notch quality for everyday use. Most of the wood watches in Men's collection come with Free Bands Adjustment Tool. This would make it extremely easy to self-adjustment the band according to your wrist, whenever you want to without seeking anybody else's assistance. 



Engrave this watch with up to 40 characters and make it a thoughtful gift.



Rosewood watches are very durable for daily usage. You don't have to worry about this aspect at all. Some watches in our collection are automatic - so they don't need batteries ever. You may be surprised to know that wooden watches need less maintenance compared to traditional watches. For example, there is no need to polish the wooden watches.



A watch crafted with two amazing woods - this is collectible watch which is hotter than ever this season



With so much choice and good designs, there is much to love and cherish here while practising sustainable fashion. Some of the watches can be engraved to include a special message or note which makes these an extra special gift which would be unforgettable for many reasons. Catch the wave of this new responsible fashion trend which uses humble, natural material - wood.