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Why Your Dog would love these Pajamas

Am I just dressing up my Dog?

Most pet dog owners wonder if dog apparels are just a fashion statement or a necessity. While a dog’s natural coat acts as shield most of the time, sometimes our canine friends benefit from the extra layer of warmth and protection provided by dog clothes. This is particular true when their coat has lighter layers of hair or fur. This could be in case of senior dogs, puppies, short-haired breeds, small breeds etc. In such cases, you are definitely not dressing up a dog. You are caring for your fur-iend as you should be.



How clothes help dogs?

Warmth by retaining body heat

Breeds with less hair or dogs suffering from health issues (like arthritis) or dogs vulnerable to cold weather would benefit from wearing dog clothes. Putting a organic soft doggie pajamas would provide a snuggle warmth that can help them enjoy outside in cold weather. Our specially designed French Bulldog clothing ensures that dogs can go potty with their PJs on!



    Extra layer of UV protection

    If their natural fur needs more insulation from harsh sun in hot weather, then choosing a lightweight dog coat would provide UW protection and help their skin.



    Minimizes Anxiety

    Anxiety Wrap uses acupressure and gentle, constant, maintained pressure to relieve stress and end or lessen fears in dogs with success rate of approx. 80%.



    Minimizes Shedding

    Keeping your dog at comfortable temperature helps in reducing shedding. Also the protective clothing ensures pet hairs are no longer found all over the house


    Minimizes Allergies

    Hypoallergenic fabric is beneficial for pets that might experience allergies.

    While wearing doggie pajamas itchy pets would have less access to exposed skin thus they wouldn’t be able to scratch themselves which in turn would help them heal quicker and not aggregate the skin irritation.

    This would also help in reducing dog dander which can trigger human allergies.


    Minimize Rug Burns

    If your dog has health issues and isn’t able to walk properly instead drags himself on and off, then clothing can prevent rug burns


    What are the different types of pet clothing?

    You would find various functional clothing; some even designed specially for certain breeds and needs.

    • Hoodies

    • Pajamas or PJs


    • Bandanas



    • Anxiety wraps



    • Raincoats

    • Holiday clothing


    Tips to introduce clothes to your dog

    Patience and Persistence

    Your pet may resist wearing clothing at first. As with many things that we introduce gradually to them (think training bells), it would be best to introduce a new item of clothing gradually as well. You can start by letting them wear selected clothing for few minutes at a time, and then increasing the time they keep this clothing on as days pass.



    Every pet is different. Some pets may not adjust well to wearing clothing. In that case, try again after few days otherwise just accept their choice. You may find alternatives like blankets to keep them warm during colder days, or putting carpets at their favourite spot to nap.


    Right Fit

    Measure clothing properly to ensure it neither too loose nor too tight to restrict their movements or play. All the clothing that we sell comes with tips on how to measure the size. General guidelines state that you should

    • measure neck around the spot where the collar rests, generally the widest part right above the shoulders.
    • measure how long the back is from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
    • measure chest around the broadest part of your dog’s chest, which tends to be right behind the front legs.


    KISS (Keep It Simple)

    Avoid hooks, tags, or parts that may hurt, irritate your pooch and small buttons that they may swallow or chew off by mistake.



    We consider your pooch as our own and have amazing products to choose from – organic, chemical-free, eco-friendly clothing, funky bandanas and anxiety wraps. As a doting pet parent, choose only the best for your fur baby. You would not regret this decision. Enjoy 5% discount on pet products with PET.LOVE code to be applied at checkout (not to be used with any other offer).