I heard sustainable cloths, what's sustainable handbags?

Fast or fad fashion leaves an enormous environmental footprint and often, implies poor wages and working conditions for workers. If you want to buy fashionable items that are are kind to people, animals, and the planet then you are on the way to become a sustainable shopper (I would say, that's a superpower!)

Finding items that meets all of your needs and look  ridiculously good can be a challenge. There are many clothing brands - you can find some of the Australia ones here

In this post, we have rounded up some of the handbags that are functional, stylish, sustainably and ethically made in Bali, Indonesia by one of our suppliers based in United States. Each bag is truly a work of art and is remarkable in its own way. Our supplier is proud to give back to the communities who created these bags, and create jobs and guarantee an income for them in great conditions.

Handmade Embroidered Woven Tote




Giselle Crossbody Natural Rattan Handwoven Bag




Black + Natural Bowtie Rattan Handmade Crossbody



These bags are dedicated to both social and environmental good. Make the right choice by buying less and buying more sustainable items.Our future generations will thank YOU. Explore entire collection here.