What I wish I knew about Camping Fashion

Have you ever wondered about practical fashionable options for camping? Well, you are not alone. Voila! We try to bring some ideas to your rescue in this blog.

Few of us are nature enthusiasts who like to embrace the outdoors. We love camping with family or friends, our camping gear, caravans (or fondly called motorhomes) and smell of BBQ. Now that even camping got a makeover – glamping – its time to fashion-forward your wardrobe with these practical, stylish and affordable ideas.

We summarize our ideas which are inspired by mountains, night sky and beloved flora. 


Inspired by Mountains


Unisex The Mountains Crewneck - When you want to wear your love of great outdoors 



Unisex High Peak Tee-Silver - Who hasn't been fascinated by the peak! It wants us to aim higher and higher.



Inspired by Night Sky


Ladies Night Sky Tee - depicting full moon behind a mountain on a star studded night sky 


Unisex  Can Tee-Emerald - A fun twist to recognise our love of beer and camping!



Inspired by Trees

Desert Cruiser Tee-Oatmeal - Off-road vehicles could be fun way to camp and experience nature.


Inspired by Camping Essentials


Truck Cup Tee-Denim Triblend - Let's go wood chopping and start the camp fire


Lantern Tee - A mast-have for a camp


You can check out our entire collection for men here, and for women here