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3 Reasons to love and cherish our Sofa Covers

We all want our highly loved and expensive sofas to stay like new forever. But alas, sofas fray and wear down leaving them looking a little rough from years of use, spills and dust.

Slipcovers or sofa covers can be wonderful option to style and protect your beloved sofa and love-seats. We have quite a few options available for you to choose which are both practical and stylish. In this blog, we are sharing some reasons to buy those sofa covers and how to style them in your home.

#1 Protect Furniture

Our range of sofa covers provide protection against dust and wear & tear of your sofa fabric that is associated with usage. Remember that you may use a stain resistant upholstery spray instead of covers but may want to weigh that option with the amount of chemicals that you would introduce in your indoor air every-time spray is used and kept on. Not all of us may react well to those chemicals or some of our beloved pieces may not be able to take those harsh chemicals.

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#2 Match your sofa colour with room decor without investing in new sofa

Making sure your furniture complements your wall color or room decor doesn't have to be a a hassle or buying new furniture pieces. You can use slipcovers or sofa covers to make this easy for you. For example, Put a neutral and soft coloured cover on the nursery sofa, and match it with wall art for a perfect nursery look.

Before deciding which sofa cover would suit, keep the following points in mind
a. Aura of your room - do you room to ooze out energy, warm and relaxing feeling, calm feeling or romantic feeling?
b. Decor - do you follow minimalist style, traditional style, or contemporary style?
c. Wall colors - Do you want to make your sofa stand out in a different shade from the wall, or complement it?


#3 Hide the flaws

A sofa cover (with or without matching cushion cover) does a wonderful job of hiding flaws and wear & tear of sofa. It's an affordable investment - inexpensive to buy and maintain as sofa covers are machine washable (delicate setting).

Make the smart investment today! Select a sofa cover which you find attractive. Go and get that measuring tape out to ensure you order the right fit for bringing new life to older sofas or to simply change the mood of the room.