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How COVID-19 is impacting Small Businesses

There is frustration, and panic these days for individuals and businesses. Life is not we had got used to and the end to this crisis is far.

No-one knows what the future holds. In these uncertain times, it can become hard to remain positive and optimistic , however, we must not loose hope that we will tide through these rough times and emerge on the other side.

During this coronavirus outbreak, the reality of owing and running a small business is very different to a world which was COVID-19 free. Every business is negatively impacted in some way or the other, some far worse than others.

In this time, if you have the ability to shop at small businesses like us, here are few things you can do to help.


  • Buy a Gift Card to use later: This can be a great choice to help keep small shops afloat now and treat yourself when we get back to the bright side. This can work well in storefront shops and online-only shops.


  • Be understanding of closures and delays: We all are in this together and are doing our best given the ever-changing landscape and circumstances we operate in. Sometimes this may translate to delayed orders. Kindly understand not everything we do is within our control. Be patient and understand if it takes a little longer to receive the item.
  •  Shop online where possible: Now that staying at home is the best precaution, it would be wise to shop online as much as we can instead of visiting your local shop. Keeping safe social distance would benefit in reducing the number of infections in our community.


This is not the time to panic but to look at our blessings and keep ourselves positive. Even when everything heals and we return to our "normal", the residual effects will take longer to wear off.  So let’s be there for each other, spread positivity and navigate this together as a community.