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How Bullets Are Turned To Beauty

The Cambodia war which primarily a conflict between the communist Khmer Rouge and the Cambodian government lasted many years and resulted in devastation and causalities. The true horrors of war were lived for years to come.

Someone rightly said "Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit." Over the past two decades, Cambodia has undergone a significant transition and poverty continues to fall. There have been many initiatives, developments and ideas that have lead to this. 

Meet Ironwork artisans

They are contributing in a different and unique way to the economy and underprivileged community. They skillfully mold bomb shells, recycled nuts and bolts from second hand cars, buses, motorbikes or vehicles into beautiful jewelry pieces and other statement decor items. This also showcases their rich tapestry, restores and preserves many traditional Cambodian skills.



This amalgamation of many aspects is truly one of its kind - empowering the locals, use of recycling materials, artisan skills and contributing to society's betterment. 





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