Gardening - A Hobby which your Future Generations will Thank for

Did you know in 2050 we may have almost 10 billion people to feed. This puts a lot of demand on the agriculture industry. When you grow your own food, you contribute in easing this pressure and demand off our farmers. Don't shrug this off yet - Imagine what can happen if one million people start growing their own food (even if certain veggies)! There is always power in numbers.Apart from enjoying your own fruit of labor (pun intended), you will also contribute significantly in reducing greenhouse emissions.



However, if you are not yet ready for growing fruits and vegetables you can still get your hands dirty and grow some amazing house plants. Who doesn't love the sight of these beautiful pollution-suckers in our homes and gardens. For a standard sized room, at least 2-3 indoor plants are recommended to combat the pollutants in our house air. You can read more on this recommendation here. If you want some recommendations for which plant to choose for indoors, head here


 Ivy Plant

Fun fact: Did you know Hoya plant is often a quirky Valentine’s Day gift. With V-day approaching, what do you think? If you are in Sydney, you may find some at Flower Power or local nursery. For other V-day gift suggestions, head here.


To add some fun to your gardening regime, few of the following products would be a good to consider.