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Discover Edit: The Meaning of Turquoise Gemstone

Remarkable Turquoise jewellery often lights up Instagram feeds. Turquoise is more than a gorgeous, bright blue stone. Apart from making a vibrant statement, it has a rich history, heritage and symbolic meanings.

What does Turquoise represent?

Turquoise's vibrant shade represents femininity and the stone is believed to bring spiritual balance, calmness, patience and love to its wearer in many cultures around the world. 


Tracking Turquoise in Ancient History

Due to its unique green-to-blue hue and "happy vibe" this stone has been used in jewellery since thousands of years. It has been dated back to Egyptian era.

As cited in article by "The Metropolitan Museum of Art"

In Egypt, the raw turquoise was fashioned into small objects, such as amulets and beads (31.6.25), and inlays that were mostly used on gold jewelry (13.184). It was also occasionally inlaid in stone, as on a charming figurine of a soft-shelled turtle (26.7.1359). 


Style Picks

Whether mixed with gold, bronze or silver, Turquoise is a great way to create understated aesthetic style which you can wear every day or on special occasions. Here are some great finds from our store which are hard to find elsewhere.






This beautiful stone continues to stand the test of time, and still feels fresh to wear for making your own statement. Go ahead - own the spotlight and spark, sunshine!