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Best Coin Jewellery to slay Instagram in 2020

One accessory trend key to a playful look is coins in different jewellery items - standalone necklace, layering necklaces, belts and earrings.

For those inquisitive to learn about the history of this famous coin design, we have gathered some interesting points.

  • If we time travel to the Egyptian era we would notice ancient coin pendant necklaces wore by the rich and famous. You may head to website of Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City by clicking here to view a coin necklace believed to be from  A.D. 225
  • Coin necklaces are thought to bring good luck and fortune to the wearer
  • Since ages ago, people have gifted coins to friends and family as a thoughtful gift. This is infused in few cultures and is followed even today. Example, those who celebrate Diwali (Hindu festival of lights) would recall the tradition of buying silver or gold coins. Use of coins in jewelry is another twist on this concept.

Fast forward to new era, this design has continued to inspire designers around the world. The modern interpretations are perfect for any season and never get boring! 

Shop some of our favourites to get the best look below.



Featuring two coins - 1 small and 1 large - this is a great neck wear.



Great for the boho look!



This combines pearls and the trendy coin design to create an awesome combination



If you like belts, then this piece is unique add to your collection. It features gold plated coins that add to the shine of your outfit.



A layering necklace that is so suited for its job. A glow that will outshine everyone in the room!


Time and again there has been a resurgence in popularity for this versatile design. We offer some top tips to style these amazing pieces 

  • You can pair coin necklaces with pearl necklace
  • You can pair a coin necklace with another chain necklace featuring coins which have a different size or design than the other
  • You can wear coin necklaces on deep V-necks or even turtlenecks for an elevated look
  • You can wear coin earrings with a matching coin necklace or without any neck piece. The coin earrings is a statement jewellery in itself.
  • You can wear coin belt over summer dresses or shorts. You may even pair it with your swimwear for a pool party (sans the water so as to not ruin your look!)