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Beaded Jewellery to Love Forever

Beads come in many material, colours and sizes. They are used by craftsmen for creating distinctive jewellery pieces and can be combined with other gemstones to create a distinctive lux look.


Beads can be hand woven into many creative pieces lending themselves well to the boho look. The bohemian style is characterized by flowy dresses, earthy tones, and layering of colourful items to create a captivating look. Many patterns handmade using beads take inspiration from nature or from cultures around the world.


Our Poly collection is a glittery and candy-coloured universe of its own. We house many bright beaded beauties which are hard to find in Australia and are popular among women due to their fabulous appeal and bright positive vibes. After all we all do love a splash of rainbows every now and then.


All the items are hand woven with love and are not produced in a giant manufacturing company. Wearing a piece that is handcrafted is special and unique. It bridges connection between two worlds as it connects efforts and persistence of a woman who has spent hours beading your glorious jewellery with your aura and fashion. Every piece would appeal in its charming way.



The crystal quartz necklace is a statement necklace when you just want your necklace to lead the evening look.



If you like mini crystals, then this piece is a perfect grab. 



To add a cheeky nod to bubble gum pink, this pop earring is a standout accessory.



When it comes to long statement necklaces, you can’t go wrong with this fun piece. We have used bold colours and patterns to create wallet-friendly statement jewellery.



Introduce brand-new style to your jewellery collection with this stunning earring pair.




Not a single day would be boring with these colours. Keep positivism and smiles with you all day-long.



Add flair of colour to your handbag with these charms.


At the end of the day, a jewellery is just for decorating ourselves but for the creator who has weaved an enchantment and for the women who has chosen to wear someone's hard-work for her confident look and radiance. We are pleased to provide impressive jewellery with a deep personal touch. Pass on the heritage to your mother, sister, girls, girlfriend, best friend, or bestie – a gift that would never be tucked away in a shelf and would be cherished every time it is worn.