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5 reasons to wear Wooden Wrist Watch in 2020 - the 4th one will surprise you!

Wood accessories are trendy, practical and favored by many for their top qualities. Wood is increasingly being used in many uses that were not present earlier. In fashion, wood has evolved from being a niche category. More than ever, many products are manufactured using wood to add a hint of earthy appeal. To name a few of such products - wooden necklaces, wooden bangles and cuffs, wooden rings, wooden pendant, wooden purse, wooden sunglasses, wooden gifts and wooden watches. Our store features many wooden products, however, we have choose to mention wood watch in this blog.



Wood watches come in a wide variety and dollar range thus providing today's consumer with vast range of options. Though we can go on praising wood watches - which are a beautiful piece of art, there are the top 5 reasons.

1. Wood as a material

Wood is renewable. Materials like plastic, carbon fiber etc. follow "reduce, reuse, and recycle" philosophy unlike wood which is renewable. This has made wood a favorite material for people who like to make conscious choices in their everyday life. Every bit counts for our Mother Earth.

Some of our favorite timepieces featured on our store are made from wood sourced from fine furniture makers’ off cuts.


2. Hypoallergenic

Metal allergy prevents some of us to accessorize the way we would like to. Choosing wood products takes care of this worry. Watch is one the most popular accessory among men and women alike. When you pick this up to wear while getting dressed to go out, you can be rest assured that you wouldn't return home with a rash and itchy skin. Rashes and sensitives to watch clasps are usually rare.



3. Compliments any outfit

Wood watches is an accessory which never fails to attract comments and compliments. It is a great conversation starter, and compliments day wear, evening wear, office wear, casual wear, and even pub wear perfectly.

You can even personalize some of our wooden watches to make it truely yours. Such engraved is always well received and appreciated for personal touch.


4. Wood ages beautifully

Wood is an incredibly versatile material. It ages naturally and gracefully over time unlike plastic and metal watches that wear down over time. The wearer's skin’s natural oils gradually change the wooden strap colours and texture. If you have ever seen a 5-year old Wood watch, you will be amazed at how it looks.


5. Lightweight

Wooden watches are lighter compared to metal counter pieces. In today's age where we use our arms and wrists to type on our phones, laptops etc. wearing a lightweight watch avoids unnecessary strain on your arm. This is a great choice for those with a busy and active lifestyle.



To summarize, wooden watches are a loved trend which is here to stay for many more days to come. Go ahead and add this unique classic to your collection.